Stock w Goodies Nexus 6P (Updated Jan 3, 2016)



App Ops
Full Screen Recents Toggle
LCD Density Changer
Stock Material Ringtones and Notifications Added
Clear All Recents
Dynamic NavBar
50% Faster Windows and Rotation Animations
Charging LED
Ambient Display Toggle
Wifi Calling Works
VoLTE Works
more stuff that I have forgotten and more to come

Make sure you are on the latest vendor
If coming from another Rom do a clean wipe
Flash Rom :

Flash Banks Gapps (highly recommended) :

Flash vendor-build-propfix :

When you boot for the first time, you might get Google Play Services Error just dismiss it and continue to set up
Once you get to the home screen, go to Settings > Apps > Choose Google Play Services > Choose Permissions > Set all the permissions to “on”
This is a one time thing and will never happen on boot again

A write up on what causes that error is here


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